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Astrology is an image science that declares the study of the mind's movements and its associated position in order to obtain God's knowledge of human affairs and events on earth. Astrology dates back to at least the second millennium BCE and has its roots in calendar systems that use the AD cycle to predict seasonal changes and signal communications.

Used to explain. Many cultures have given importance to planetary events, and some - such as Hinduism, Chinese, and Maya - have developed complex systems for predicting Earth events from a planetary perspective. The oldest motionless astrological system in use dates back to the 19th to 17th centuries BC. It can be found in Babylonia, from where it spread to ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world, and finally Central and Western Europe.

Current Western astrology is often associated with horoscope systems that are capable of interpreting aspects of a person's nature and can predict important events in their lives based on their state of mind; Most working astrologers rely on such systems. It was present in the political cycle and has been mentioned in various works of authors since the late 19th century and from the general concept of technological methodology, from Pt. Pankaj Shastri Ji to researchers.

Questions about astrology are asked above and do not represent it. Technical ability or interpretive power. Astrology thus lost its academic and concise status, and by the time the re-emergence of the 1960s, general belief in it had dwindled.

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This is very different from the western point of view. Indian astrologers are making good use of the actual movement of the stars. As Indian astrology is based on time, place, and date of birth, this is the main reason why it is so different from Western astrology. Astrology is a mixture of horoscopes and kundalini.

The horoscope informs you about your mental state, your future events, and when you will find success. The horoscope matches your sun sign and the position of the earth and the sun. Consider birth information for astrological service otherwise, no one will be able to solve your problem.

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